Favorite lines from my novel Balloon Days

When Howard looked up, Elliott held a look of care and sorrow, each green eye a forest floor of emotions. And in that moment, he could see she knew heartbreak too.

Happiness was letting yourself be fully thrown into life with the ones you love, in not only the special moments but the ordinary ones too.

“What I’m saying is, Howard, if you look in a broken mirror for long enough, you’ll begin to believe the reflection. And sometimes people can be that broken mirror, but we don’t realize it until it’s too late and the damage is done.”

Parts of her, in parts of him, were taken, like waves washing away words with every pull of sand.

She wondered if her own eyes ever looked that sad, or if they ever would. It seemed the more life happened, the more there was to mourn.

It was a tender kiss, soft and gentle. A kiss reminiscent of a scene in a book he recently read, when two lovers knew they were about to die.

Chasing perfection caused nothing but chaos.

It was a graceful, gradual change of season from summer to fall and a chance to reflect and renew, a reminder that things can change—that life itself can change, from a moment to a series of moments, like a pebble hitting the water radiating a wave of rings, each influenced by the last’s momentum.

**All words by me, and are copyrighted**

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