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Balloon Days

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What an astounding indie debut! There aren’t adequate words to express how thoughtful and healing this novel is. Each emotion conveyed felt so raw and relatable and all advice given felt well-informed, as it draws upon Kristi Strong’s professional experience as a trauma informed mental health therapist. The characters and their struggles left an impression on me because I was reminded of my own past trauma and grief, and the healing journey I embarked on and continue to this day. I’ll end by sharing a quote that highly resonated with me: “Time passes regardless of pain… It’s all about who you surround yourself with and what you do with that time that matters most. You learn to move forward with the pain best you can—there’s no leaving it behind.” Please, READ 👏🏼 THIS 👏🏼 BOOK 👏🏼

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A new psychiatric treatment allows patients to experience “balloon days”- an immersive, lucid dream-like state in which they can temporarily live an alternate reality. But will experiencing one’s “what if” scenarios lead to healing, or obsession? “As beautiful and euphoric as the Balloon Days could be, they were an illusion. It was time he built his life in the real world.”

What a unique concept. This book follows the experience of three people: 2 patients and 1 therapist at the Center for Balloon Days. As they experience their balloon days, they start to realize they may be doing more harm than good. They work together to overcome their trauma and reach feelings of healing, peace, and belonging.

I felt so connected to each one of these characters and was rooting for them whole heartedly through each of their journeys. I love a book that ends on a hopeful note, and they all reach their own version of a happy ending.

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